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BT or British Telecommunications plc. Is a telecommunications company based in the UK with their headquarters in London, England and was formed back in 1846 as Electric Telegraph Company and became known as British Telecom or BT since 1980 when it became independent public corporation.

BT currently offers a great range of Telecommunications services including its landline telephone connection & broadband internet services which are BT’s most popular services and includes coverage of all of the UK. They also offer a variety of other services including digital television, BT Sport, BT Mobile & sell a variety of products including phones, Wi-Fi routers, signal extenders & more.

BT Contact Number – General Enquires

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Alternative BT Contact Methods

Address BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications,
PLC 81,
Newgate Street,
 Official Website
 Tech Support 0800 800 151
 Cloud Tech Support 0800 500 3114
 Complaints 0207 356 5000


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Alternative BT Contact Numbers


BT Billing Support Enquiries Number 0800 433 311
BT Cloud Enquiries Number 0800 500 3114
BT ID Enquiries Number 0800 707 6310
BT Landline 0800 800 511
BT SmartTalk Enquiries Telephone Number 0800 011 3845
BT TV, BT Broadband / Email 0800 111 4567
Cancellations 0800 783 1401
Customer Services / Complaints Hotline /Technical Support / 0800 800 150
Head Office Telephone Number 0207 356 5000
Switch to BT or Change Address (Moving Home / Migrating Service) 0800 100 400
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