Hilton Hotels – 0871 976 4016

0871 976 4016
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Hilton Hotels & Resorts or as it was previously known as Hilton Hotels is a global brand of full-service hotels and luxury travel resorts under the flagship brand of Hilton which ensures they are of a high quality standard suitable for clients with an expensive taste and desire for luxury. As of 2017 there are more than 570 Hilton Hotels & Hilton Resorts based all around the world including 85 countries with more being added every year as new locations are opened up. Their unique brand of high quality travel resorts and luxury hotels are present in six continents and are either owned directly by Hilton or are franchised to similarly trustworthy & luxury hotel operators.

Hilton Reservations Number – 0871 976 4016

To get in touch with the Hilton Reservations customer service team use the contact number 08719766510. Using this contact number you can check the availability of rooms in any of their 570 hotels & resorts from all around the world. They will be able to give you information on all of the rooms available and the prices of such rooms along with the facilities that are available at that hotel.

The Hilton Reservations staff team are of the same high quality of the hotel staff so you can be relaxed in the knowledge that someone is taking care of you even before you book a visit to one of their luxury hotels. They will be able to provide you with the perfect room you are looking for including single or double rooms along with additional rooms for any children you may have traveling with you. If you require any additional help or have additional requests you should let them know and they will do their best to find a location & room to accommodate your individual needs.

Alternatively you can ring 08705 909090 if you are calling from the UK or 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667) if you are calling from abroad, these number may be more or less expensive depending on the rates set by your operator. All phone numbers are available 24/7.

You will be initially have to talk to their computer program to get you in touch with the correct department.
To make a new reservation press one or listen to the other options for most choices.

Alternative Hilton Hotel Contact Numbers

CountryPhone Number
Travel Agent Helpline (UK)0845 7 220055
Travel Agent Helpline (Europe)0800 445 86682
International Free Number (UIFN)+ 800 HHILTONS
Countries and territories included in this universal number: Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom(+ 800 4445 8667)

Passport Office UK – 0871 789 8750

0871 789 8750
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

The UK Passport Office also known as Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) is a division of the Home Office of the UK Government that provides passports for British nationals all around the world, it was formed in 2006 is a division of the Home Office in the United Kingdom. It provides passports for British nationals worldwide and was formed on 1 April 2006 and includes subsidiaries including the General Register Office for England and Wales which produces life event certificates for birth, death, marriage & civil partnerships.

The UK Passport Office’s head office is in 2 Marsham St, Westminster, London SW1P 4DF as part of the home office including offices in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Peterborough, Liverpool, Newport and Durham including additional offices for interviews for first-time applicants for UK passports.

Passport Office UK General Enquiries – 0871 789 8750

To get in touch with the Passport Office General Enquiries please use the contact number 0871 789 8750. Be aware that when applying for a passport you will need a large amount of personal information for them to identify you and record it in their secure database. Her Majesty’s Passport Office is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of everyone in the country and is the first line of defence against any possible malicious attack and a big part of this is identity verification. Callers will be subjected to a lengthy identity verification process which could include information such as your full name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number. Please ensure that you have these with you when calling and be prepared to repeat them multiple times as you may be transferred, the process can take some time but it is done with the safety of yourself and the country at mind so please be patient when calling.

You can use this phone number to also get in touch with the government regarding your eligibility for a UK passport, get information on the nearest Passport Office branch. Or get information regarding the fees and how to pay them. They will also help with any guidelines or clarification that you need, such as passport photo standards or countersigning.

Phone lines are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00am to 8:00pm. On weekends and public holidays the passport office is still open but has a reduced number of work hours which run from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Alternatively you can ring 0300 330 0901 which may be cheaper depending on the rate charged by your mobile or landline operator.

Alternative HM Passport Office Contact Methods

You can also also write to the passport office using the postal address below:
HM Passport Office
PO Box 767

AA – 0871 789 0854

0871 789 0854
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

The AA or as it’s full name Automobile Association is one of the most well known and oldest motoring organizations in the United Kingdom. They currently offer a range of motoring services including breakdown cover which is their most popular service of which they are one of the largest breakdown groups with over 3000 patrol groups operating in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland and was founded in 1905. They have since branched out to offer other motoring services including insurance, driving lessons, road awareness lessons, personalize finance and motoring advice and despite being a large company it continues its public interest in teaching road safety and proper vehicle handling much like it did in it’s earliest days where it was a charity organization and did not operate for profit.

AA General Enquiries – 0871 789 0854

For all general queries regarding AA customer service, you can call the AA Customer Service General Enquiries department with the contact number 0871 789 0854.
The AA offers its superb customer service support to all it’s customers regardless of what division of the AA they require, you can contact them with confidence that regardless of what motoring department you need you they will be able to provide you with the best service possible and help you resolve any issues or concerns that you may have. This number is used for all types of queries into the services they offer including breakdown services, driving lessons and insurance along with many more services related to motor vehicles. This service number is open from 8am to 8pm on Monday to Friday and additionally from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays, alternatively you can ring their national helpline on 0843 504 7216 which may be more or less expensive depending on the rates set by your landline or mobile phone operator.

AA Breakdown Cover – 0871 976 9854

For all enquiries related to breakdown cover or AA membership including renewals and cancelling AA membership plans or obtaining copies of your policy documents you should use 0871 976 9854 which will get you in touch with their breakdown customer services department. This number can also be used if you need to update your phone number, car details or any other account details such as your home address. It is important that the AA have the most up to date information as possible regarding you as it may affect your claim is you have an accident. This phone number is open from 8am to 8pm from Monday through to Friday and are also open from 9am to 5pm on Saturdays but closed on Sunday. Alternatively you can ring 0343 316 4444 which is their national helpline for setting up breakdown cover & memberships and may be cheaper depending on the rates set by your landline or mobile network operator.

Alternative AA Contact Methods

You can also also write to the AA’s customer services department using the postal address below:
Customer Services,
The Automobile Association,
Lambert House,
Stockport Road,
SK8 2DY,
United Kingdom.

Email the AA

If you prefer to contact them via email you can do so using their customer service email address which is [email protected] this email address is for all general enquiries regarding their motoring service such as breakdown cover & car insurance.

AA Social Media Accounts

AA Facebook Account
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AA Google+ Account
AA LinkedIn Account

Alternative AA Contact Numbers


AA Department or HelplineUK Contact Number
UK Roadside Assistance0800 88 77 66
European Roadside Assistance00 800 88 77 66 55
Breakdown cover customer services0800 072 7420
AA Membership0800 085 2721
Vehicle insurance customer services0370 160 0138
Get a car insurance quote0800 316 2456
Make a claim0800 269 622
Book an AA vehicle inspection0800 056 8040
Book an AA driving lesson0800 587 0087

Premier Inn – 08719766510

08719 766510
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Premier Inn is the largest hotel chain in the UK and operates in more than 750 locations throughout Britain and Europe including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland & Germany. They were established in 1987 and quickly became one of the UK’s most popular hotel chains due to their low prices & value for money service.

Premier Inn Booking Number – 08719766510

To get in touch with the Premier Inn’s booking team use the contact number 08719766510. This is the phone number of the general reservations helpline which will be able to book a room across any of the Premier Inn’s branches in the UK or Europe. Using this number you will be able to book a room of any size including single, double or triple rooms. If you are traveling with children you can request a pullout bed, bed or cot so that your child can be comfortable in the same room as you, likewise if you are disabled you can request a room with a greater level of accessibility. Alternatively you can call 0333 003 8101 which may be more or less expensive depending on your call plan, for a full range of rates you should contact your mobile or landline provider for accurate pricing. Their helplines are open from 8am to 8pm from Monday through to Saturday and open additionally on Sunday from 10am to 6pm.

Alternative Premier Inn Contact Methods

Premier Inn­­
Central Reservations
Oakley House
Oakley Road

Premier Inn Social Media Accounts

Premier Inn Facebook Account
Premier Inn Twitter Account
Premier Inn Youtube Account

Alternative Premier Inn Contact Numbers

Department or HelplineUK Contact Number
General enquiries0333 003 0025
Flex Rate booking enquiries0333 003 8101
Book a room0871 527 9222
Group bookings0871 527 9253
Head office & complaints01582 424 200

EasyJet Contact Number – 08717894229

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

EasyJet is a British airlines service that operates under the low-cost carrier model which has its main operation base in London’s Luton Airport. EasyJey services 820 routes in over 30 countries with their focus being on low cost flights & budget holidays. EasyJet was founded in 1995 by Greek Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou with the lease of two boeing 737-200. In 2014 the airline carried more than 65 million passengers making it the second largest airline in Europe.


Alternative EasyJet Contact Methods

Customer Service Address:
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

EasyJet Social Media Accounts

EasyJet Facebook Account
EasyJet Twitter Account
EasyJet Youtube Account

Alternative EasyJet Contact Numbers

0330 365 5000

British Gas Contact Number –08717891001

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

British Gas is a utilities company based in the UK and offers its gas & electricity services throught England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, Its current head office is in Staines-upon-Thames in the United Kingdom. British Gas is the largest utilities company in the UK and services 12 million homes.

British Gas was formed back in 1812 as a company called “The Gas Light and Coke Company” and was the first public utility company in the world and has been known as British Gas since 1973 as a government controlled corporation but became a privatized company in 1986. Their full range of services including gas, electricity, boilers, central heating, plumbing, home appliance servicing & more.

Alternative British Gas Contact Methods


Maidenhead Road
United Kingdom

Official Website:

Customer Service:
0800 048 0202

Technical Support
0800 048 0505

0800 111999

British Gas Social Media Accounts

British Gas Facebook Account
British Gas Twitter Account
British Gas Youtube Account

Alternative British Gas Contact Numbers

Regional British Gas Number
0113 298 0900

Tesco Mobile Contact Number –08717891966

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator based the UK with their head offices in Hertfordshire, England, UK. Tesco Mobile was established in 2003 with financial backing from their parent company – Tesco. Tesco is a virtual network operator as it operates solely using O2’s mobile phone network which it leases in exchange for O2 owning 50% of the company. Its current customer support is contacted out to O2 who operate them from an office in Bury, Manchester. Tesco currently have mobile phone network coverage for 99% of the UK and has over 5 million customers in the UK.

Alternative Tesco Mobile Contact Methods

Tesco Mobile Customer Care Address:
Dumers Ln,

Tesco Mobile Social Media Accounts

Tesco Mobile Facebook Account
Tesco Mobile Twitter Account
Tesco Mobile Youtube Account

Alternative Tesco Mobile Contact Numbers

0345 301 4455

3 Three Contact Number –08717891952



Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

3 or Three as they are commonly known or Hutchison 3G as they are officially known by is a multinational mobile phone & broadband provider who are based in Hong Kong but have offices all around the world including the UK. Three was formed in 2003 at the same time as 3G services became available across the UK making it the first commercial video mobile network in the UK. As of 2006 Three’s 3G network has been available across 80% of the UK and continues to grow to more rural areas and as of April 2015 have offered a 4G connection which is often the cheapest of the 4G connections offered to UK customers.


Alternative 3 Three Contact Methods

Hutchison 3G UK Limited
Star House
20 Grenfell Road


3 Three Social Media Account

3 Three Facebook Account

3 Three Twitter Account

3 Three Youtube Account

Alternative 3 Three Contact Numbers

Tel: 01628 765000(main switchboard)

Vodafone Contact Number – 08717890971

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Vodafone Group plc or Vodafone for short is a British multinational telecommunications company with its main head office in London, England. They service customers all over the world including the UK & other areas of Europe along with Asia, Africa & Oceania. They are the second biggest telecommunications company in terms of subscriptions and as of 2017 have more than 500 million customers worldwide. Vodafone is well known for being the first mobile phone network to abolish roaming data charges when traveling to 50 European countries and have begun to offer Vodafone broadband services

Alternative Vodafone Contact Methods

Tel: +44 (0) 1635 33251(switchboard)

Vodafone Social Media Accounts

Vodafone Facebook Account
Vodafone Twitter Account
Vodafone Youtube Account

Alternative Vodafone Contact Numbers

The Vodafone head office address in the UK is:

Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

O2 Contact Number | 08717890950

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

O2 or Telefonica UK Limited is a telecommunications company based in the UK and owned by the Spanish multinational telecommunications company – Telefonica. Its UK head office is in Slough, England in the United Kingdom. O2 was purchased in 2006 by Telefonica and has been owned by them ever since.

O2 is primarily a mobile phone network and all of its current services are related to their mobile phone network, its current mobile phone network covers 98% of the UK and includes mobile phone broadband availability for these customers.

Alternative O2 Contact Methods

Their registered head office is located in the following address:

260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom

O2 Social Media Accounts

O2 Facebook Account
O2 Twitter Account
O2 Youtube Account

Alternative O2 Contact Numbers

0113 272 2000