EasyJet Contact Number – 08717894229

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

EasyJet is a British airlines service that operates under the low-cost carrier model which has its main operation base in London’s Luton Airport. EasyJey services 820 routes in over 30 countries with their focus being on low cost flights & budget holidays. EasyJet was founded in 1995 by Greek Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou with the lease of two boeing 737-200. In 2014 the airline carried more than 65 million passengers making it the second largest airline in Europe.


Alternative EasyJet Contact Methods

Customer Service Address:
Hangar 89
London Luton Airport
United Kingdom

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Alternative EasyJet Contact Numbers

0330 365 5000

British Gas Contact Number –08717891001

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

British Gas is a utilities company based in the UK and offers its gas & electricity services throught England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, Its current head office is in Staines-upon-Thames in the United Kingdom. British Gas is the largest utilities company in the UK and services 12 million homes.

British Gas was formed back in 1812 as a company called “The Gas Light and Coke Company” and was the first public utility company in the world and has been known as British Gas since 1973 as a government controlled corporation but became a privatized company in 1986. Their full range of services including gas, electricity, boilers, central heating, plumbing, home appliance servicing & more.

Alternative British Gas Contact Methods


Maidenhead Road
United Kingdom

Official Website:

Customer Service:
0800 048 0202

Technical Support
0800 048 0505

0800 111999

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Alternative British Gas Contact Numbers

Regional British Gas Number
0113 298 0900

Tesco Mobile Contact Number –08717891966

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator based the UK with their head offices in Hertfordshire, England, UK. Tesco Mobile was established in 2003 with financial backing from their parent company – Tesco. Tesco is a virtual network operator as it operates solely using O2’s mobile phone network which it leases in exchange for O2 owning 50% of the company. Its current customer support is contacted out to O2 who operate them from an office in Bury, Manchester. Tesco currently have mobile phone network coverage for 99% of the UK and has over 5 million customers in the UK.

Alternative Tesco Mobile Contact Methods

Tesco Mobile Customer Care Address:
Dumers Ln,

Tesco Mobile Social Media Accounts

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Alternative Tesco Mobile Contact Numbers

0345 301 4455

3 Three Contact Number –08717891952



Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

3 or Three as they are commonly known or Hutchison 3G as they are officially known by is a multinational mobile phone & broadband provider who are based in Hong Kong but have offices all around the world including the UK. Three was formed in 2003 at the same time as 3G services became available across the UK making it the first commercial video mobile network in the UK. As of 2006 Three’s 3G network has been available across 80% of the UK and continues to grow to more rural areas and as of April 2015 have offered a 4G connection which is often the cheapest of the 4G connections offered to UK customers.


Alternative 3 Three Contact Methods

Hutchison 3G UK Limited
Star House
20 Grenfell Road


3 Three Social Media Account

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3 Three Youtube Account

Alternative 3 Three Contact Numbers

Tel: 01628 765000(main switchboard)

Vodafone Contact Number – 08717890971

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Vodafone Group plc or Vodafone for short is a British multinational telecommunications company with its main head office in London, England. They service customers all over the world including the UK & other areas of Europe along with Asia, Africa & Oceania. They are the second biggest telecommunications company in terms of subscriptions and as of 2017 have more than 500 million customers worldwide. Vodafone is well known for being the first mobile phone network to abolish roaming data charges when traveling to 50 European countries and have begun to offer Vodafone broadband services

Alternative Vodafone Contact Methods

Tel: +44 (0) 1635 33251(switchboard)

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Alternative Vodafone Contact Numbers

The Vodafone head office address in the UK is:

Vodafone Group Plc
Vodafone House
The Connection
RG14 2FN

O2 Contact Number | 08717890950

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

O2 or Telefonica UK Limited is a telecommunications company based in the UK and owned by the Spanish multinational telecommunications company – Telefonica. Its UK head office is in Slough, England in the United Kingdom. O2 was purchased in 2006 by Telefonica and has been owned by them ever since.

O2 is primarily a mobile phone network and all of its current services are related to their mobile phone network, its current mobile phone network covers 98% of the UK and includes mobile phone broadband availability for these customers.

Alternative O2 Contact Methods

Their registered head office is located in the following address:

260 Bath Road,
SL1 4DX,
United Kingdom

O2 Social Media Accounts

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Alternative O2 Contact Numbers

0113 272 2000

EE – Contact Number – 08717890191

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

EE, or Everything Everywhere Is a telecommunications company based in the UK with their head office in Hatfield, England, United Kingdom. EE was formed in 2010 following a merger between Orange & T-Mobile whch saw them become the biggest mobile phone company in the UK with over 30 million customers.

In 2016 the EE company was purchased by the BT Group but retained their brand and name. As of late 2016 their 4G & 2G networks cover more than 99% of the UK population, their 3G connection covers 98% and their double speed 4G is able to service 80% of the population.

Alternative EE Contact Methods

EE Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne and Wear

EE Social Media Accounts

EE Facebook Account
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EE Youtube Account

Alternative EE Contact Numbers

From your EE mobile: 150

From a UK mobile landline: 0800 079 8586

From abroad: +44 7953 966 250

Their standard opening hours are 8am to 9pm weekdays and 8am to 8pm on weekends.

Virgin Media Contact Number – 0871 789 0560

0871 789 0560
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Virgin Media plc Is a telecommunications company based in the UK with their head office in Hook, Hampshire in England, United Kingdom. Virgin Media was formed in 2006 as a merger and gained the name “Virgin Media” in 2007 when purchasing brand rights from Virgin.

Virgin Media were the first company to offer “quadruple-play” media which is a term that refers to offering landline phone connections, mobile phone connections, television & internet broadband. It currently has the eighth largest customer base of all telecommunications companies in the UK but is very well known for their fibre-optic broadband which are often the quickest in areas where they are available.

Alternative Virgin Media Contact Methods

Communications House, Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way Hook, RG27 9UP
Official Website
Tech Support
0345 454 1111
0345 600 0789
Billing enquiries
0800 064 3777

Virgin Media Social Media Accounts

Virgin Facebook Account
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Alternative Virgin Media Contact Numbers

Moving Home Enquiries Number

0345 141 0111
Virgin Media General Enquiries / Sales / Customer Service
0870 183 0605 / 0800 052 0422
Virgin Media Make a Bill Payment
0800 064 3777
Virgin Media Mobile Enquiries
0345 600 0789
Virgin Media Troubleshooting / Account Services
0345 454 1111

DVLA Contact Number –08700420512

Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

Alternative Numbers:
Driver Licensing Enquiries – 08700420512
Vehicle Registration –08700420450
Vehicle Tax & SORN Enquiries –8700420462
Driver’s Medical Enquiries -08717890524
Cherished Number Plates -0870 0421 015

The DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency Is an organisation of the UK government that is responsible for maintaining a database of drivers & motor vehicles for all of the UK. The DVLA was formed in 1965 and its headquarters is in Swansea, Wales in the United Kingdom. They are part of the parent agency – The Department for Transport.
The DVLA’s main role is to issue driving licenses along with the collection of vehicle taxes of which the main one is road tax and is the only official place to buy personalised registration plates for motor vehicles. They are in charge of all motor vehicles including cars, motorcycles, scooters, lorries, vans & all other motor based transports including all on-road and off-road vehicle. In total their database contains records of over 40 million driving licenses & almost 40 million registered vehicles

Alternative DVLA Contact Methods

SA99 1AR,
United Kingdom
Official Website
Vehicle tax Phone Number
0300 790 6802
Driver licensing enquiries
0300 790 6801
Drivers’ medical enquiries
0300 790 6806

DVLA Social Media Accounts

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Alternative DVLA Contact Numbers


DVLA  general  contact number 0870 042 0450 0870 042 0450
Vehicle registration 0870 042 0450 0870 042 0450
Vehicle tax 0870 042 0462 0870 042 0462
Driver licensing enquiries 0870 042 0512 0870 042 0512
Drivers’ medical enquiries 0871 789 0524 0871 789 0524
Driver Check Service contact 09061 393 837 +44 9061 393 837
Ymholiadau Cymraeg 0300 790 6819 +44 300 790 6819
Vehicle registration and tax with translation 0906 737 0013 +44 906 737 0013
Theory test enquiry 0300 200 1188 +44 300 200 1188
Booking a theory test 0300 200 1122 +44 300 200 1122
DVSA driving test enquiries and booking 0870 042 0450 0870 042 0450
MOT, vehicle testing and approval 0300 123 9000 +44 300 123 9000
Driver CPC 0300 200 1122 +44 300 200 1122

BT Contact Number – 08700420392 – BT Customer Services


Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge


BT or British Telecommunications plc. Is a telecommunications company based in the UK with their headquarters in London, England and was formed back in 1846 as Electric Telegraph Company and became known as British Telecom or BT since 1980 when it became independent public corporation.

BT currently offers a great range of Telecommunications services including its landline telephone connection & broadband internet services which are BT’s most popular services and includes coverage of all of the UK. They also offer a variety of other services including digital television, BT Sport, BT Mobile & sell a variety of products including phones, Wi-Fi routers, signal extenders & more.

BT Contact Number – General Enquires

Add second paid number (if applicable) if not re-use same number as above, again use normal p tags (no h1, h2 etc)

Alternative BT Contact Methods

Address BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications,
PLC 81,
Newgate Street,
 Official Website https://bt.com/
 Tech Support 0800 800 151
 Cloud Tech Support 0800 500 3114
 Complaints 0207 356 5000


BT Social Media Accounts

BT Facebook Account

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BT Google+ Account

BT Youtube Account

Alternative BT Contact Numbers


BT Billing Support Enquiries Number 0800 433 311
BT Cloud Enquiries Number 0800 500 3114
BT ID Enquiries Number 0800 707 6310
BT Landline 0800 800 511
BT SmartTalk Enquiries Telephone Number 0800 011 3845
BT TV, BT Broadband / Email 0800 111 4567
Cancellations 0800 783 1401
Customer Services / Complaints Hotline /Technical Support / 0800 800 150
Head Office Telephone Number 0207 356 5000
Switch to BT or Change Address (Moving Home / Migrating Service) 0800 100 400