Embassy of the United States – 0871 789 1498

0871 789 1498
Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

The American Embassy is based in London and is the primary contact points for Americans & UK Citizens regarding Visas, Passports, US Citizen Services and Business opportunities for US citizens living in the UK and UK citizens wanting to visit or move to the US.

The US embassy in London is the largest embassy in western Europe and was created in 2017 with other embassy buildings being in service from the 1800s. It’s primary focus is in it’s consular section in which it handles American Citizen Services & processes Visa Services.

United States Embassy Contact Number – 0871 789 1498

If you need to get in touch with the US embassy regarding any issue please call 0871 789 1498. This is their general enquiries number which is suitable for all enquiries that you have, they will do their best to assist you in any way you require and answer any questions that you may have, if they are unable to assist you then will forward your call onto the relevant department who will be able to help you. Their phone lines are opened from 8am 5:30pm from Mondays through to Fridays, but closed on Saturday & Sunday. They have another number 020 7499 9000 which is open from the same hours but may cost more or less depending on the rates set by your landline or mobile network, if you are unsure of your rates on calling particular numbers it’s best to call your operator.

United States Embassy Services


the US embassy is the primary communication point for UK and US citizens to use when attempting to obtain a US visa, it will be able to provide details to visitors & callers on how to apply for a visa to the United States and the different types of visas that are available, they will also be able to provide assistance with filling in details and help you track your application.

U.S. Citizen Services

The US embassy is also able to provide it’s visitors and callers information regarding Emergency services for US visitors and citizens currently in the UK along with passport guidance and federal benefit details for US citizens currently visiting or living in the UK.

Passport Services

The US embassy will be able to provide passport services to US citizens and residents who are currently living, working or visiting the UK along with passport services for UK citizens who are wanting to receive a US passport. Most of the services given by the US embassy require an appointment and are not available by just dropping in so it’s best to call before visiting them to ensure you do not have a wasted journey. The passport services will be able to provide assistance to people applying for a new passport, renewing an existing passport or modifying an existing US passport to update it with your latest personal information such as if you change your name or address.

Business Opportunities

The US commercial service is the trade promotional arm of the United States’ Commerce & International Trade Department and promotes the exporting and importing of goods to and from the US and Great Britain. They provide a range of services that help companies and individuals to sell in the UK and US market. For US customers this is to help them exporting their goods to the UK to be sold within the UK market and for UK customers this will help them get in touch with US suppliers and distributors so they can sell their goods in the US mainland.

United States Embassy Official Website

If you wish to visit the United States Embassy website directly you can by visiting the link below:
Official US Embassy Website

Alternative US Embassy Contact Methods

You can also also write to the US embassy using the postal address below:
U.S. Embassy London
33 Nine Elms Lane
London, SW11 7US
United Kingdom
Phone: [44] (0)20 7499-9000

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